The History of Photography: 1976

by Matthew Cole
1975 The 1970s 1977

Buy first Vivitar 283 (ASA 100 Guide Number of 120), one of which I still own, at Porter's in Cedar Falls. Back in these days they came in a huge box and included the remote sensor cord, which in later years was not included and was sold as an accessory. Also get Sekonic L28C2 incident selenium meter (now the L-398). Try first color printing, really get much better at black and white. Try slides in the Rolleicord, very impressive, but I still have them and have never projected them. Just what do you do with 120 slides? Try color negatives, big things they are, but the standard print size is 3½ inches square, which is tiny. Pretty much decide to use the Rollei as a black and white camera, standardize on Plus-X Pan Professional as my usual film. Discover that 5B flash bulbs are a laugh riot when put in other people's high-intensity lamps. A friend and I buy a whole box of new lenses from a camera store in Des Moines for $300, keep a Fujinon 100 f/2.8 each (which are superb), a single Sigma 200 f/4 Macro (dog), Kalimar 35 f/2.8 (pooch), and a pair of 85 f/1.8s (howlers). Sell off the rest, about a dozen altogether, and get all our money back out of them. Begin doing house pictures for money using the Rolleicord which renders the people in great detail.

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