The History of Photography: 1977

by Matthew Cole
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Know Your Equipment
Know Your Equipment: Tricky lighting situation this. Rather than use a cheesy Cokin filter, which hadn't been invented yet, I cleverly chose the incorrect shutter speed for flash sync on my Fuji ST-801 and used the resulting effect to mask off the otherwise too-bright light. Let's see you do this with a Hasselblad!

First photo trip, around Great Lakes and to Toronto. Carry Fuji ST-801, 28, 50, 100 and the 283. At Canadian National Exhibition purchase The Quotations of Mao Tse-Tung in English, put in camera bag. Shoot about a dozen rolls of Kodachrome, sent one to each of the ten Kodak processing plants in the country in PK-36 mailers. We begin recording times to and from the plants and eventually settle on Findlay, Ohio, as our favorite. Dave Dahms and I compare flash power output (he's got a Strobonar with ASA 100 GN of about 160) by firing them against newspapers, chortling at the amount of smoke raised. Buy a new Vivitar 75-150 f/3.8 zoom but never really take to it. For one thing, it's a bit slow for bounce flashing with the 283 and Kodachrome 64, which remains my main emulsion. Get the Vivitar Charge 15 and battery pack, will charge Ni-cads for the 283 from dead to full power in 15 minutes. Great unit. Too bad they stopped making it.

More Photo Hints from 1977

Use only the Finest Optics
Use Only the Finest Optics: If it's bright enough to take pictures, it's bright enough to flare! seems to have been the motto of the designers of the Vivitar TX 28 f/2.5 lens I used for several years. This is of course a particularly egregious situation, with the sun in the photo next to the CN Tower, but you get the idea.

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