The History of Photography: 1982

by Matthew Cole
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1982 Pick up a chrome Nikon F2 with the plain prism. Now have one lens and two bodies. Slides from this period wonderfully exposed as everything is metered with the Sekonic L28C2 in incident mode. During this period we get in the mode of using four Honeywell Strobonars out of an umbrella for lighting wedding groups. These were mounted in a piece of 1 X 4 with 4 holes in it for the flashes and one for the light stand. A lot of slaves and wires had to work right and it is then that I learned to distrust PC cords. Strobonars now all dead, I still have umbrella. Original 283 packs up, I buy another. Take pictures at Paul Salamon's wedding using borrowed Leica CL. Try first panoramas with Rolleicord and pan head. In one case, do a full 10-shot pan in black and white, then load color and do 8 of the next sequence before realizing the yellow filter was still on. Oops. Negatives come back a funny purple on those frames but the mighty 3½ inch prints actually looked remarkably good, considering. Must have driven the printer nuts as I took the filter off when I discovered it and so the rest of the roll was normal. One Saturday morning at Beaverdale Cameras we wonder if Ansel Adams is listed in the phone book, so call Carmel information. He is! We call his house but hang up after a couple of rings realizing we don't know what to say; "Why don't you shoot color?"??. I Borrow a used chrome Nikon FE body for Christmas so I can take pictures with the flash on a hot shoe. The shoe-less Nikkormat and flash-over-the-rewind-knob F2 just aren't convenient. Very impressed with camera.

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