The History of Photography: 1989

by Matthew Cole
1988 The 1980s 1990

Lake Superior, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Detroit. Carry load of Nikon gear, take, as always, way too many pictures in zoos. I can never afterwards figure out why I bothered. It's the same at air shows, although at least I'm not stumped when my kids ask me what kind of plane it is. Ibex? Tapir? Johnson's Gazelle? Also shoot Drake House Tour slide show. Use PC lens and only forget to stop down a couple of times. Key hint: shoot in early May when everything is green and verdant but the trees haven't leafed out yet. Your timing may vary.

In one of the lesser highlights of my professional career, I am asked to evaluate the Initial Public Offering for the Mustang Ranch house of ill fame. It's one of the weirder prospectuses I've ever read. I said no.

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