The History of Photography: 1990

by Matthew Cole
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Time Your Shots
Time Your Shots: Successful sports photographers know that, to be really good, you need to get inside the players's heads and anticipate the action. In this instance, I just knew our well-dressed competitor was going to blow the bunker shot and compensated by releasing the shutter a little later than usual.
Shoot Drake House Tour slide show again. Colorado. We leave about 2 days after Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait and gas soars to $1.54 a gallon. Carry usual FE 20, 28, 55, 105 outfit. Take a number of nice snaps out in Leadville while playing highest golf course in U.S. Use Olympus XA and manage, without autofocus delay, to get ball streaks off the tee in some photos. Along in here somewhere I buy kind of a weird-coloured dusty sand Domke Original bag which I still use as my main bag. At the end of the year, Tuxedo the rabbit meets his end.

More Photo Hints from 1990

Drink Only the Best Beer
Drink Only the Best Beer: Or the most convenient. A venture fund I was helping to run made a misguided investment in the Dubuque Star Brewery in Dubuque, Iowa. We were one bankruptcy early. I spent eight weeks up there running the place while trying to work things out while fending off creditors like the gas company, the water company and the IRS. Among our brews were Rhomberg, Wild Boar, Simpatico and the classy Föecking. This last one drew attention from the BATF but fortunately we only brewed it on contract, though I must say it was a hit at parties ("Want a Föecking beer?" one would say while holding out a bottle). Evenings it was possible to order in a pizza and retire to the tasting room for a beer or two before retiring to the Canfield Hotel for the night. I did rescue a broken neon sign from this joint at least got something out of it. The group after us made it work and the place still operates though the free tasting room is now a brewpub.Nikon FE, unsure of lens, Kodachrome 64

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