The History of Photography: 1993

by Matthew Cole
1992 The 1990s 1994

Use Electronic Flash to Freeze Action
Use Electronic Flash to Freeze Action: This picture captures one of those all-too-fleeting moments with a new baby, the beginning of a heave. Here young Geneva pukes just as I take her picture, a treasured moment captured forever. Lesson: don't feed the kid and then bounce her in your lap. Nikon FE, 20mm lens, Vivitar 283

We get free tickets to Britain to expire end of February. We go to London one weekend, discover Karla is pregnant. Sheesh, can't even go for a weekend without turning up knocked up! Use Mamiya 6 for pretty dreary weekend. Geneva born that autumn. I grow beard. I continue to really like the Mamiya 6 which I use more and more, supplanting the Nikons. It takes a bit of trying places before I settle on Camera Graphics in Des Moines as a competent processor. After trying a bunch of films on a pretty unscientific basis, I settle into Fuji NPS160 as my usual film for the Mamiya and Fuji NPH400 when I want a bit more speed. My younger sister hanging around a lot at end of year when we're both temporarily out of work and I give her the Nikon Point and Shoot with the piece busted off. Also get Compaq Presario 425 (486 25MHz SX chip (that means no math co-processor)) with 4 Meg of Ram and a 2400 baud modem, sign up for AOL and discover the virtual world. In mid-1999 we're still using this unit, now with 20 Meg of RAM and a 56.6k modem, and most of this site was done on it. Work the web, baby.

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