The History of Photography: 2002

by Matthew Cole
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Matt & a Lightning Bolt, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Take Shelter in Bad Weather: My occasional attempts to get daylight lightning photos finally paid off, sort of. It was pretty dusky, but the lightning trigger with my Contax caught this lightning bolt. I took three of these and two had lightning in them, not a bad hit ratio. Como Lake, Saint Paul, June 2002. Contax G2, 28mm f/2.8, 2 seconds f/2.8, Kodak E100SW

A quiet year photographically. The highlight of the year was probably when I went to KAPiCA 02 in California to learn to do Kite Aerial Photography (KAP). This is yet another funny corner of photography where you fly a kite and hang a camera from it to take pictures from the air. It is a really cool perspective, and while out there I built my first rig from one of Brooks Leffler's Basic Radio Rig kits. I'll be posting some of my KAP photos separately.

More Photo Hints from 2002

Shoot from Waist Level to give your Subject more Stature
Try some different angles: Henry and I went flying in November down in Como Park while the rest of the Twin Cities watched the Vikings/Packers game. Here's Henry from due up. Yashica T4, 35mm f/3.5 Carl Zeiss lens, some cheapo print film
Always Carry a Portable Background
Always Carry a Portable Background: You know how portrait photographers always have those fabric backgrounds? Darn things can come in pretty handy! This picnic could be in downtown Gary, Indiana and you'd never know it with that background! Geneva taking tea at Nerdstrand Big Woods State Park, October 2002, Mamiya 6, 75mm f/3.5 lens, Kodak Portra 400VC

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