The History of Photography: 2003

by Matthew Cole
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Look Both Ways Before Crossing
Look Both Ways Before Crossing: I was down in San Antonio for an old college roommate's wedding. You know how it is, a clueless tourist walking around, heavy traffic, a driver on a cell-phone, and, well, look what can happen. Of course what happened here is we ran over a Cherry Icee in the parking lot and spotted a photo op, but still, be careful out there! Matt and a Camry, San Antonio, March 2003. Canonet 28 Photo by Anne Salamon

A quiet year so far. I do go to San Antonio (see the photo to the left) for Mel & Monica's wedding and take some nice photos with the Mamiya 6. I just really like that camera. San Antonio in March is great although not windy enough to fly my kite aerial photography rig at any of the Missions. I carried this down without any problems except the Transportation Security Administration confiscated a 6-inch Crescent wrench from my backpack; "No tools allowed sir." I couldn't help but notice that on the plane there were no hex bolt heads exposed but lots of allen bolts and he hadn't taken my allen wrench, so I could have taken that sucker apart, assuming Airbus A320s are put together with 5/32" allen bolts! Of course, the darn Frogs probably use metric ones. Foiled again! Anyway, the wedding was good fun and we had a great time down there.

More Photo Hints from 2003

Get Into Your Subject's Head
Get Into Your Subject's Head: It is worthwhile to really understand your subject and their point of view, to really get into their head. Here I've gotten into Henry's head using a GE MRI machine. A doctor had concerns about hemihypertrophy and we ran the traps on the things involved. In November, he had an MRI to study his cranial structure. It is sobering to see your kid moved back and forth in these huge machines Nikon FE, 50mm f/1.8

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